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Field Manager PRO and PRO 360  has moved to a web-based platform in early 2018. AgExpert Field is available as an easy-to-use app.

Why the change? Farming is a complicated business with a huge amount of data that requires interpretation to make good decisions. Your ability to access data whenever and wherever is important.

Why a new web-based application? 

You asked for it and we listened. With AgExpert Field, you get a web-based platform with the features you already use in Field Manager PRO and PRO 360. AgExpert Field is solid, simple and built for the farm. It’s accessible any time, anywhere, from any device. The web-based platform allows you to create a field management hub by connecting all of your farm data.

How secure is AgExpert?

Security is a top priority. AgExpert Field uses the latest in security technology with the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.

What does that really mean?

Think of the web-based platform as vault at a bank, and your old desktop platform as a lockbox in your house. The bank has a state-of-the-art practices to protect your valuables (data); they own the liability. With the lockbox, you own the liability. 

If FCC owns the liability, does that mean FCC owns the data?

No, FCC does not own the data. You are the owner of your data. You’ll be able to grant access and share the data with whoever you choose. FCC will aggregate the data anonymously in accordance with our privacy and security policies.

Who is AgExpert Field for?

If you’re in grains and oilseeds and use a pen and paper or Excel to track your records, AgExpert Field is for you. Our development teams are continously working on adding other industry-specific features. We’ll continue to enhance product features based on industry needs.

How much does AgExpert Field cost? 

AgExpert Field has 2 versions: Basic and Premium.

The Basic version is free. It has everything you need for record-keeping. The Premium version with extra features is now available. 

Why is the basic version free?

We want Canadian agriculture to be as strong as possible. With a free version, more producers can have access to solid farm management information, which leads to more informed decision-making. And that’s good for the whole ag industry.

Is this new web-platform compatible with the FM PRO Mobile app that I have installed on my phone? 

No. You’ll get a new mobile app specifically for AgExpert Field. Your current FM PRO Mobile app will still be available to use with Field Manager PRO.

Will I have to re-enter the crop records that I’ve already entered in Field Manager PRO? 

No. Premium users will receive a tool that lets you copy your current Field Manager PRO data and paste it into AgExpert Field. Basic users will have to re-enter their data.

Do I have to switch to the new web-based platform, AgExpert Field?  

No. You can continue to use Field Manager PRO. However, only AgExpert Field will receive updates and new features.

Will I still be able to use and get support for Field Manager PRO or Field Manager PRO 360 desktop and FM PRO Mobile after the launch of this new product?  

Yes. We will make changes for any mandatory or legislative changes (such as CanadaGAP) as long as the old product is supported.

What does this mean for AgExpert Analyst?

We’ll continue to provide two AgExpert Analyst updates each year, in January and July. New enhancements will be included with each release along with payroll compliance updates. Look for a new web-based accounting platform in the near future.


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Last updated on August 21, 2018 by FCC AgExpert