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Using data file snapshots

A snapshot instantly saves a copy of the data file currently open to your hard drive. It's like a picture of the current state of your data file. You would use this feature just before beginning a difficult transaction. Only one snapshot of the data file is saved at a time. Future snapshots overwrite the previous one.

To take a snapshot, click on File>Save Snapshot. If there were no previous snapshots taken, a confirmation window appears to confirm that a snapshot of the current data file will be saved. Click Yes. If a snapshot already exists, a different confirmation window appears to remind you a previous snapshot was created on a specific date and that it requires confirmation to overwrite. Click Yes if this is correct.

To revert to your snapshot, click File>Revert to Snapshot. If a snapshot exists, a message window will appear asking for confirmation to return the data file to the date and time of the original snapshot. Any changes made to the data file after the time stated will be lost. Click Yes. If no snapshot exists, a message window will appear to notify you that there are no snapshots to revert to.

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