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Benefits of using Field Manager PRO Desktop

Field Manager PRO Desktop, which runs on your personal computer, allows you to:

  • plan and track crop and field activities
  • record details and observations
  • analyze your break-even level for each field and crop
  • print reports for a field, a crop or your entire farm
  • project income and expense scenarios for each field and crop before you seed

Field Manager PRO has three primary components: planning, production and analysis.

The planning component of the Field Manager Pro Desktop program is an essential tool to guide you in making important management decisions.

  • You can create multiple what-if financial farm plans using the operations fixed costs in conjunction with different cropping scenarios. Once you’ve entered a plan, you can review revenue and cost projections, analyze potential profit and establish break-even costs.
  • You can create as many scenarios and plans as needed and, using the Financial Farm Plan Comparison report, compare different plans to give you a clear picture of which will be more profitable. A Financial Farm Plan Executive Summary report displays yields, revenue and expected prices for the entire farm plan.

The production component of the Field Manager PRO Desktop/FM PRO Mobile program is a powerful production management tool that allows you to define your farm and gives you the flexibility to add any type of land area (fields, quarters, concessions, lots, etc.).

  • For increased usability, you can link smaller land areas to larger land areas. This helps you to manage information for insurance reports and other compliance land usage reports.
  • You can enter and store multiple years of operations records (such as seeding, fertilizing, chemical applications, irrigation and tillage) and observations records (such as soil tests, pests and weather) all in one data file.
  • Field Manager PRO also records and tracks supplier information as needed and provides inventory reports on storage locations. You can enter equipment and input items as part of the regular setup process or add them on the fly.
  • Once harvest is complete, Field Manager PRO calculates the potential revenue through the Harvest and Sales features.

The analysis component of Field Manager PRO is found in the flexible reports that can be generated for single or multiple years. The priority grouping feature lets you customize content on reports.

  • Many reports have both detailed and summary versions so you can select only the information you want to see.
  • The Plan vs. Actual Variance report displays the differences between what was planned and the actual production values.
  • The Land Allocation report displays land areas in a concise, easy-to-read format.
  • There’s also an Insurance report that includes most compliance information required for reporting in all Canadian provinces.

Last updated on August 25, 2014 by FCC AgExpert