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Field Manager PRO 360 overview

See your farm like never before

Field Manager PRO 360 gives you a complete picture
Field Manager PRO 360 includes all the field and crop record management tools you’d expect from Field Manager PRO
, and then revolutionizes how you view and use your farm data. With aerial images of your fields, you’ll map and compare your operations.

Farm planning from the top down
View and edit layers of current and historical data on your land. Import field images to accurately map boundary, acreage, application, density and variability data.

Layered maps
Every operation you perform is another layer that you can see for every crop and every field: planting, fertilizer, pest control, irrigation and harvest. Generate soil nutrient maps (pH, nitrogen, etc.).

All your information, including Geographic Information System (GIS)
Ensure accuracy by retrieving current satellite imagery of your entire operation.

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Last updated on August 29, 2014 by FCC AgExpert