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Creating field boundaries

To create a new boundary:

  1. Open an operational layer, aerial image, or management zone to use as a reference to create a boundary.
  2. Select the Create icon in the functional area.
  3. Select Boundary.
      Note: Apex will auto-generate a boundary that encompasses the layer opened in Step 1. The boundary consists of a set of points (vertices) connected by a line. Each point (vertex) is numbered in a clock-wise pattern. You can change the boundary’s shape by clicking on a point and dragging it to a new location. You can delete points by double-clicking them and add new points by clicking on the boundary.  You can also change the boundary name and colour that Apex creates. 
      Note: The zoom in/out, zoom to full extent, pan and arrow buttons can be used when creating/editing boundaries. Users may want to use the zoom tools to more easily see the points of the boundary.
  4. Select Done when you’re satisfied with the boundary, or select Cancel and start over.

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