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Exporting shapefiles for field boundaries

Exporting shapefiles using Garmin (or other commercial GPS receivers)

The Department of Natural Resources in Minnesota has developed free software that you can download and install. It allows you to create shapefiles from data collected by most commercial GPS receivers. 

Click here to install the software. It comes with a reference manual that you can view by clicking Help>Local Help File. You can access other online help here or go to this blog about an older version of the software for information on how to get started.

Once you’ve installed the software, you can connect your GPS unit to your computer, download information from your GPS unit to the software and then export a shapefile. You can then import the shapefile to Field Manager PRO 360.

Exporting shapefiles using Trimble

Trimble has a variety of GPS applications ranging from farming and machinery monitors to geography and survey tools. Each application seems to work with different software packages. The agriculture-specific hardware is designed to work with Farm Works®, a software program that makes it easy to export field boundaries.  

To export a field boundary:

  1. Right click on the field or farm from the Map tab.
  2. Select Export Boundaries from the menu that pops up. 
  3. Select the folder or drive you want to save the files to
  4. Click Save.

The program will create three files that comprise your Shapefile. You can import it into your Field setup in Field Manager PRO to automatically create your boundaries.

Go to page 153 of the Farm Works user manual for step-by-step instructions.

Exporting shapefiles using Topcon

The Topcon hardware automatically exports boundaries and coverage maps to shapefiles when performing a backup. The backup creates folders at the backup location called Boundary Shape Files andCoverage Shape Files. You can import files from these folders into your Field Manager PRO 360 field setup and operation entry. 

If you’re having problems with the backup, contact your nearest Topcon dealer for help. Use the Dealer Locator on the Topcon website to find your nearest dealer.

Exporting shapefile using Raven

Raven offers a variety of GIS solutions to their customers and their support site features the user manuals for each piece of hardware they support. Go to and click Product Support or Product Documentation to find out how to get a shapefile from your Raven device.

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