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Unloading data in Apex

This takes the files that the GS2 or Original GreenStar display has written to the data storage device and brings them into Apex to be analyzed. You can use the data to view maps, make management decisions, create detailed reports and more.

  1. Click Unload on the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the correct file path from the Card Options drop-down menu.
  3. After you’ve selected the file path (GreenStar 2100/2600, 1800, or Original GreenStar), the logged files appear on the screen. Select the files you want to unload into Apex.
  4. Click Unload.
  5. Note: Once the data is unloaded into Apex successfully, you can click Clean Card from the left side of the screen to permanently remove the selected files from the data storage device. The storage device will now have full memory capacity.

Apex has three types of files:

  • Management zone: A management zone classifies an area. All other areas of and with the same classification will receive the same management. Management zone maps provide a colour description of the management zone in a field. With Apex, you can import shapefiles from external sources and view reports about the information provided. You should import shapefiles in theWGS84 format.
  • Field boundary: With Apex, you can convert field boundaries in the shapefiles format to Apex field boundaries. The shapefile can’t contain multiple layers if you want to convert it.
  • Image layer: Apex enables you to import various types of aerial images. These images must be geo-referenced if you want to import them into Apex.

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