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Adding basic information to a harvest record

The General tab in the Harvest dialogue box is used to record basic information for the harvest of a particular land area.

  • Started - Enter the harvest’s start date.
  • Stopped - Enter the harvest’s stop date.
  • Crop: Select the crop that was harvested. If the crop you’re trying to harvest doesn’t appear in the list, select Crops to Harvest from the Setup menu and add it.
  • Total Area - Enter the total land area that was harvested.
  • Duration - Enter the length of time it took to complete the harvest.
  • Status - Select the status of the operation.
  • Total Yield - Enter the total yield, if known. The production per area is automatically updated. If you only know the production per area, you can enter it and the total yield will automatically update.
  • Grade - Enter the crop’s grade.
  • Other Costs $ - Enter any costs in addition to equipment and labour.
  • Total Cost $ - This displays the total cost of the operation (equipment costs + labour costs + input costs + other costs).
  • Crop Moisture - Enter a description of the crop moisture as well as a percentage.
  • Notes - Enter any additional information for this entry.
  • Created - Displays the date and time the record was first created.
  • Updated - Displays the date and time the record was last updated.
  1. Click Save & Close to save the information and close the Harvest dialogue box.
  2. Click  to delete the harvest operation.
  3. Click Storage Location Setup to add a new storage location or change an existing one.
  4. Click the  icon to list the equipment or the names of labourers employed in the harvest operation.
  5. Click  to delete a piece of equipment or a labourer from the harvest. 


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