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Adding storage to a harvest record

The Add to Storage tab in the Harvest dialogue box is used to allocate your harvested crop to a storage location. To prevent you from making data entry errors, the list only shows storage locations that have been defined for the active crop year and are either empty or contain the harvested crop.

If you allocate the harvested crop to a storage location(s), you must allocate the exact amount of the total yield. For example, if you harvest 1,000 bu of crop, you must allocate either nothing or the entire 1,000 bu to storage. 

To select the storage location(s) to allocate the harvested crop to, click the  icon and select one or more items from the list. To delete a chosen storage location, select it in the list and click X or press delete on the keyboard.

  • Name – This displays the name of the storage location(s) you’ve selected.
  • Action – This displays whether you’re adding or removing crop from the storage location(s).
  • Amount - Enter the amount you want to allocate to the particular storage location.
  • Stored – This displays the amount of crop you have currently stored in the storage location.
  • Free Space - This displays the amount of free space you have remaining in the storage location.
  • Notes - Enter any additional information.
  • Date Stored - Enter the date the crop was stored in the bin. The Date Stored must be greater than or equal to the Started date on the General tab.
  • Packaging Material - Select a packaging material for the storage location from the list or enter a new packaging material. If there’s no packaging material, leave this field blank. 

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