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Importing a bank statement

You can import an electronic bank statement file into AgExpert Analyst using the Import From Bank Statement dialogue box. To do this:

  1. Download a statement from your bank’s website. The file must be in Quicken (.qfx) or QuickBooks (.qbo) format.  
  2. Open the Import From Bank dialogue box in AgExpert Analyst by either:
    • Selecting Import From Bank Statement in the Transactions menu and 
    • Selecting Bank Reconciliation in the Transactions Menu, and then selecting Import Bank Statement
  3. Click  and select your electronic bank statement from a location on your hard drive. The statement information will be displayed.
  4. Select the bank account associated with the electronic bank statement. Click the second  to display the bank accounts currently set up in AgExpert Analyst. Click Add to add a new bank account. Click Select.
  5. Click Next. If the bank reconciliation is open, it’ll be updated with the information from your electronic bank statement. If you want it to remain in its current state, close it before you continue. 
  6. A list of transactions pulled from your electronic bank statement is displayed. The import process will detect if any transactions from your bank statement match a transaction already entered in AgExpert Analyst. It will only match transactions that are within your bank statement’s date range. The matched transactions must be cleared manually.
  7. Click Import... to import an unmatched transaction. The Transaction Entry dialogue box will open.
  8. Enter the remaining information for the transaction. If the bank reconciliation is open, it’ll automatically update as you work.
  9. Click Back to import another bank statement.
  10. Click Close.

Last updated on November 4, 2015 by FCC AgExpert