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Editing records

Use the Edit Records dialogue box to edit growers’ records that you’ve imported.

  1. Select Edit records from the Records menu. The Edit records dialogue box appears.
  2. Select a Grower from the drop-down menu. The grower’s records appear on the left side of the grid.
  3. Select an Activity from the drop-down menu or select <All> to display all of the grower’s activities.
  4. Enter a date range in the Dates fields or select <All> to display all of the grower’s records.
  5. Select a record to display its detailed information on the right side of the grid.
  6. Double-click any item on the right side of the grid to edit the information. The Edit Value dialogue box appears.
    • Enter the new value for the item and any Notes about the change.
    • Click OK to close the Edit Value dialogue box. 
    • Note: Edited items are displayed in bold font. The Change History section at the bottom of the grid lists the changes you’ve made and notes you’ve entered.
  7. Click Close when you’re done.

Last updated on August 25, 2014 by FCC AgExpert