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Using the Manure tab to add information to an operation

To add manure application information to an operation, ensure that the Manure check box is selected in the first section of the Operation dialogue box. Then:

  • Name – This displays the name of the selected manure.
  • Area - Enter the operation’s total land area. If you’re adding a new operation and you’ve selected more than one land area, you won’t be able to change this value. The area value will be a total of the combined land areas selected.
  • Rate - Enter the rate of manure applied. The Total will be calculated automatically.
  • Total - Enter the total amount of manure applied. The Rate will be calculated automatically. The unit will default to the purchase unit you set up in the Manure Inputs dialogue box.
  • Machine Setting - Enter or select your machine setting.
  • Application Method - Enter or select the application method.
  • Earliest Harvest – This displays the earliest date you may harvest the crop after applying this manure. It’s calculated by adding the highest PHI number of the selected manure(s) to the Stopped date on the General tab. You enter the PHI number for each manure when you set up your Manure Inputs.
  • Notes - Enter any additional information for this operation.
  • Nutrient List - This list calculates the weight of each nutrient applied by the manure you’ve used. You can edit the nutrient list in the Nutrient List dialogue box and you can edit the calculated units (for example, lb/ac) on the Operation/Observation Settings tab in the Software Preferencesdialogue box.


Last updated on August 25, 2014 by FCC AgExpert