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Recording a tillage operation

To record a tillage operation:

  1. Select your land from the land tree in the main window.
  2. Click the Operation icon on the toolbar or select Enter an Operation from the Records menu. Note: If the operation is on more than one piece of land or on land that spans multiple quarters, the Land Breakdown window will be displayed. Specify the land breakdown for the operation you’re entering. You need an accurate land breakdown if you want to produce accurate crop insurance seeding and production reports.
  3. Select the Till checkbox and then select the Till tab when it appears below.
  4. Enter the following:
  • Description - Enter or choose a description for the tilling operation. To modify an item in the list, click the pencil icon and make the change.
  • Area Tilled - Enter the total land area tilled. If you’re adding a new operation and more then one land area was selected, you won’t be able to change this value. The value of the Area will equal a total of the combined land areas selected.
  • Depth - Enter the depth you tilled to.
  • Speed - Enter the tiller’s speed during the operation.
  • Notes - Enter any additional information.




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