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Setting up your contact list

If you’re leasing or renting land, equipment or storage facilities used on the farm from another person or business, you can create a list of these individuals or businesses to track this information. You can also include suppliers and customers (for example, grain companies) in this list.

  1. From the Field Manager PRO Desktop menu, select Setup and then Contact List. The Contacts dialogue box will appear.Click the New icon  on the toolbar.
  2. Enter the NameContactAddressCity/TownPostal/Zip CodeProvince/StatePhone #, Cell #, Fax # and Email address of the person or business (for example, McCain’s, ABC Grain Company).
  3. Click Save. The information will be saved.
  4. To enter another contact, click New .
  5.  When you’re done entering contacts, click Save & Close.
  6. Note: To import a list of contacts from your AgExpert Analyst accounting software into your Field Manager PRO Desktop data file, from the Contacts dialogue box, click Import from AgExpert Analyst on the toolbar. Then select the AgExpert Analyst data file that contains the contact list you want to import and click Open. Select the suppliers and customers you want to import. Click Import & Close.

Last updated on August 25, 2014 by FCC AgExpert