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Setting up and maintaining crops to harvest

The crop list is used to keep track of your commodity inventory when you record harvests, sales, adjustments and storage location transfers.

A separate list is maintained for each crop year.

The list of seeds and list of crops are identical for some agricultural industries. To avoid entering information twice, the program automatically opens the crop setup window when you save a new seed input, giving you the option of saving the seed to the crop list at the same time.

To open the crop setup window, click Crops to Harvest in the Setup menu.

To add a new item to the list, click New in the  menu. Enter the following information in the Detailssection and click Save or Save & Close.

Note: You can add a new item from a predefined list by selecting New From List  in the menu, then selecting a crop from the list that appears and clicking OK

  • Name - enter the name of the crop.
  • Variety - enter the specific variety of the crop.
  • Crop Type - select Annual or Perennial.
  • Inventory Unit - select the inventory unit that you want to use to track the crop. Note: The inventory unit will default to the selected value when you harvest, sell, adjust or do a storage location transfer for this crop.
  • Standard Weight - enter the standard weight for the crop. Note: The program uses the standard weight to convert the amount of crop in inventory from weight to volume or vice versa. For example, if you put 100 bu of corn into a storage location with a 1000 kg capacity, the program needs to know the standard weight to convert bushels to kilograms to tell you how full the storage location is.
  • Optimum Plant Density - enter the range of values that you’ll use to represent the optimal plant density required for maximum yield and select an area unit for this calculation.
  • Notes - enter any additional information about the crop.

 To edit an item in the list, select the item and click , make your desired changes and click Save orSave & Close.

  • Click  to cancel adding or editing the item.
  • To delete an item from the list, select the item and click .
  • Click  to copy an item to the previous or next year.
  • Click  to merge two crops with the same name. 


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