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Recording fertilizer inputs

The fertilizer input list is used to record the fertilizers applied during a fertilizing operation. In order for the program to provide you with accurate profit and loss reporting and input usage reporting, you’ll need to specify the fertilizer and unit cost.

A separate list is maintained for each crop year.

To open the fertilizers window, click Fertilizer Inputs for (year) in the Setup menu.

To add a new item to the list, click . Enter the following information in the Details section and clickSave or Save & Close.

  • Name - enter the name of the fertilizer.
  • Unit Cost - enter the cost of the fertilizer and select a purchase unit from the drop-down menu.
  • Liquid Fertilizer - select this check box if you apply the fertilizer in liquid form.
  • Specific Gravity - enter the specific gravity for the liquid fertilizer. It’s used in combination with the nutrient per cent analysis to calculate the weight of each nutrient applied during a fertilizer operation.
  • Organic - select this check box if the fertilizer is organic.
  • Nutrients - enter the fertilizer’s per cent composition of each listed nutrient. Note: You can add a new nutrient to the fertilizer input list by selecting Nutrient List in the Setup menu and entering the information in the Nutrients dialogue box.
  • Notes - enter any additional information about the fertilizer input.

Note: If you selected I am an organic grower under the Operation/Observation Setting tab (underSystem Preferences in the Setup menu), you can add a new item from a predefined list by selecting New From List (Organic) from the  menu. Select a fertilizer from the list that appears and click OK.

  • To edit an item in the list, select the item and click , make your desired changes and click Saveor Save & Close.
  • Click  to cancel adding or editing the item.
  • To delete an item from the list, select the item and click .
  • Click  to copy an item to the previous or next year.
  • Click  to merge two fertilizers with the same name. 

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