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Navigating the Field Manager PRO Desktop main window

Field Manager PRO Desktop always opens to the main window with the Crop Records dialogue box displayed. You can access all software functions through either the main menu or the toolbar.

Menu bar options

  • File – Contains basic file management features. You can create new files by selecting New or access existing files by selecting Open…. The File menu also includes BackupRestore and Rebuildoptions. 
  • Setup – Opens various dialogue boxes so you can set up information pertaining to your farming operation.
  • Records – Provides options to add operations and observations to the farming operation.
  • Reports – Lets you access various forms of record keeping and analysis reports through the report console.
  • Tools – The Split Data File option allows you to archive previous crop years when the data file becomes too large. 
  • Window – Lets you arrange and rearrange any maximized or minimized windows. This feature is useful for comparing plans.
  • Help – Displays help options. You can also activate the new Field Manager PRO 360 software.

Toolbar options 

  •  – View Crop Records – Opens the Crop Records dialogue box.
  •  – Sales – Opens the Sales dialogue box.
  •  – Inventory – Opens the Inventory dialogue box.
  •  – Other Income – Opens the Other Income dialogue box.
  •  – Other Expenses – Opens the Other Expenses dialogue box.
  •  – Financial Farm Plans – Opens the Financial Farm Plans dialogue box.
  •  – New Sale – Opens the New Sale dialogue box. 
  •  – Storage Location Transfer – Opens the Storage Location Transfer dialogue box.
  •  – Inventory Adjustment – Opens the Inventory Adjustment dialogue box.
  •  – Report Console – Opens the report console. 

The land tree

The land tree arranges your land parcels on the left side of the Crop Records dialogue box. Your farming operation name appears at the top of the list and is considered the “root” of the land tree. The land parcels listed below the root are the main largest pieces of land (for example, quarters, lots, farms). The smallest pieces of land (for example, fields or concessions) are subdivided and listed below the main land parcels. 


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