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Recording labour costs

Tracking labour costs is a major part of profit and loss reporting. To maintain accurate records, you’ll need to specify which employees worked on each operation and harvest, and estimate a realistic labour cost if you’re using something other than an hourly wage. 

Note: A separate list is maintained for each crop year. 

To record a labour cost:

  1. Select Labour Personnel from the Setup menu. The Labour dialogue box opens.
  2. Enter the following: 
  • Click  to add a new item to the list.
  • Click  (or double-click an item) to edit a selected item.
  • Click  to cancel adding or editing an item.
  • Click  or press Delete on your keyboard to remove a selected item from the list.
  • Click Save to save the information.
  • Click Save & Close to save the information and close the dialogue box.


Last updated on August 25, 2014 by FCC AgExpert