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Setting up the nutrient list

You use the nutrient list to set up fertilizer inputs and record fertilizer operations or soil test observations. The default list on the Choose Nutrient list shown in the dialogue box below is included when you create a new farm records data file.

  1. From the Field Manager PRO Desktop menu, select Setup, and Nutrient List. The Nutrients dialogue box will appear.
  2. If you need to enter a new nutrient, click the New icon  on the toolbar.
  3. Enter the Name of the nutrient.
  4. Choose the Group for the nutrient.
  5. Select Display this nutrient on soil test observations to list the nutrient when you enter or edit soil test observations.
  6. Select Display this nutrient on fertilizer operations to list the nutrient when you enter or edit fertilizer operations.
  7. Click Save. The information will be added to the Choose Nutrient list. To enter another nutrient, click New.
  8. Click Save & Close. The information will be saved and the Nutrients dialogue box will close.
  9. Note: The nutrient list includes the following Periodic Table elements:

    Al   aluminum

    Fe   iron

    N     nitrogen

    B    boron


    Na   sodium 

    Ca  calcium

    K     potassium

    O     phosphorus

    Cl   chlorine

    Mg   magnesium

    S     sulphur

    Cu   copper

    Mn   manganese

    Zn    zinc


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