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Recording seed inputs

The seed input list is used to record the seeds planted during planting operations. In order for the program to provide you with accurate profit and loss reporting and input usage reporting, you’ll need to specify the seed and unit cost.

The list of seeds and the list of crops are identical for some agricultural industries. To avoid entering information twice, the program automatically opens the crop set-up window when you save a new seed input, giving you the option of saving the seed to the crop list at the same time. 

Although you're only allowed to choose one application unit, you're not restricted to using that specific application unit when recording an operation. As long as the system knows how to convert between the specified application unit and the actual application unit used on the operation, your input usage reporting will be accurate. 

To open the seeds window, click Seed Inputs for (year) in the Setup menu.

To add a new item to the list, click . Enter the following information and click Save or Save & Close.

  • Name - enter the name of the seed input.
  • Variety - enter the variety of the seed input. It will be included in brackets beside the seed name throughout the program.
  • Germination - enter the germination rate as a percentage.
  • Unit Cost - enter the cost of the seed per unit.
  • Purchase Unit - select the purchase unit for the seed input.
  • Application Unit - select the unit used to apply the seed input.
  • Conversion Formula - the conversion formula is used to tell the program how to convert a purchase unit to an application unit. Note: The conversion formula only appears if the program doesn’t know how to convert between the purchase unit and the application unit. For example, if you purchased corn by the bag for $50/bag but planted the corn by the kernel, you would enter the number of kernels per bag. 
  • Notes - enter any additional information about the seed input.
  • To edit an item in the list, select the item and click , make your desired changes and click Saveor Save & Close.
  • Click  to cancel adding or editing the item.
  • To delete an item from the list, select the item and click .
  • Click  to copy an item to the previous or next year.
  • Click  to merge two seeds with the same name. 

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