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Using the Inventory tab to set up software preferences

This tab is used to customize your inventory settings.

Select Software Preferences from the Setup menu to open the Preferences dialogue box and then click the Inventory tab.


  • My default inventory unit is - Select the default unit you use to measure your inventory. This appears as the default inventory unit in various windows when they first open.
  • Allow me to put multiple crops in one storage location - Check this if you want to be able to allocate multiple types of crops to a single storage location. Normally, when you record a harvest or inventory adjustment, the program will only allow you to allocate inventory to a storage location that's empty or currently contains the same type of crop.
  • If the storage location amount is  .001 capacity units then consider it empty - Enter a value for when a storage location should be considered empty. If, due to a result of converting between units, the amount calculated to be in the storage location is less than or equal to this value, the amount in the storage location will be considered to be 0 (or empty). 


Last updated on August 25, 2014 by FCC AgExpert