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Setting up land in the Setup Wizard

As part of the release of Field Manager PRO and Field Manager PRO 360 2014-02, we simplified the way you first set up your land when you’re creating a new Field Manager PRO or Field Manager PRO 360 data file.

Complete this procedure to create a new Field Manager PRO data file

On step 5 of 7 of the Setup Wizard, enter the following land setup defaults:

  1. My pieces of land are called:
  2. They are measured in:
  3. Enter the name of your fields and the Total area.
  4. To add a new field, click the  icon.

After you’re done, you’ be able to add your biggest pieces of land. 

Then you’ll be able to allocate you fields to your biggest pieces of land.

Last updated on August 25, 2014 by FCC AgExpert