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Renumbering the Chart of Accounts

We’ve made a significant improvement to allow you to easily renumber your Chart of Accounts.

In prior versions of AgExpert Analyst, you had to delete the account and re-set it up with the correct number to reassign an account number. This didn’t always work, depending on whether the account had been used or mapped in other areas of the software.

To renumber your Chart of Accounts:

  1. Go to Setup > Chart of Accounts to open your Chart of Accounts.  We’ve added a new Renumberbutton to the right- side of the dialogue box.
  2. Select the account that you want to renumber. You can renumber any account at any time.
  3. Click Renumber. The Renumber Account dialogue box appears.
  4. Enter the new account number you’d like to use for the account you’ve selected.
  5. Click OK. The account will be moved to the appropriate area of the Chart of Accounts.

This is a great way to renumber your sub-accounts if any have been deleted, or to group different types of accounts together that weren’t initially set up that way.

  • You must adhere to the following limitations and rules when renumbering your Chart of Accounts:
  • An account can only be renumbered in the same section as it’s currently in (for example, asset accounts must remain in the asset section).
  • Only detail and subaccounts can be renumbered as subaccounts.
  • You can’t renumber a detail subaccount to another account of a different type (for example, renumbering a bank account to a primary account that holds capital assets).
  • When renumbering a detail account, use -00 at the end to signify that there’s no subaccount.

Last updated on August 22, 2014 by FCC AgExpert