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Managing your fields

Note: you will need to change fields from this window to add new operations, new observations and new harvests.

You must use Field Manager Desktop to add or delete a field. Once the field has been added or deleted, you’ll need to sync Field Manager Desktop with the FCC Management Software server (cloud) and download your farm on FM PRO Mobile.

To view or select your field:

  1. Tap .
  2. Tap Farm & Fields.
  3. Select your field under Select Field.

To view your GIS farm plan (exclusive to Field Manager PRO 360 users)

  1. Tap .
  2. Tap Farm & Fields.
  3. Select your field under Select Field.
  4. Tap GIS farm view.
    • Use the app’s real-time GPS functionality to navigate to and ensure you’ve accessed the correct field.
    • Display your location using the device’s GPS. It’ll be overlaid on imagery and road network maps to make it easier for you to navigate.

Using compass mode

To use the compass mode:

  • Tap . The map will orient itself to the direction you’re currently facing.
  • Tap  again to turn off compass mode and return to the GIS Farm Plan of the last field you used in an operation.

Note: Walls, metal roofs, tall buildings and other obstructions can block the line of sight to GPS satellites and affect the compass’s accuracy. Try to maintain a clear view of the horizon in several directions when using the compass mode.

Enabling location services

You can enable Location Services in your system settings to allow the application to determine your location.

To enable location services in iOS, select Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

To enable location services on an Android device:

  1. Select System Settings > Location Access.
  2. Select Let apps that have asked your permission use your location information and Let apps use GPS on your Phone to pinpoint your location.


Last updated on May 15, 2015 by FCC AgExpert