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Setting up a cash flow

  1. Click Setup on the bottom of the Cash Flow dialogue box. The Cash Flow Setup dialogue box opens.Note: This option is only available for a projected cash flow.
  2. Select the Account Mappings tab.
  3. Select the accounts you want to include on the cash flow, and the sections that they’ll appear in. 
    • To change an account mapping, select the appropriate account from the list and then select the Cash Flow Sections you want the account to appear in. If you don’t want to display an account on the cash flow, deselect all cash flow sections or click Clear Cash Flow Sections
    • Click Reset Defaults to return all accounts to the default mappings.
  4. Select the View tab to change the display options for the cash flow’s last year column and inventory rows.
  5. Under Last Year Column, select:
    • Show the Last Year column to display it on the cash flow form and report
    • Hide the Last Year column to hide it on the cash flow form or report.
  6. Under Inventory Rows, select
    • Show the Inventory rows in projected mode to display them on the projected cash flow form and report.
    • Hide the Inventory rows in projected mode to hide them on the projected cash flow form or report. 
  7. Click Save or Close.

Last updated on August 22, 2014 by FCC AgExpert