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Using the General tab to add information to an operation

To add general information to an operation, ensure that the General check box is selected in the first section of the Operation dialogue box. Then:

  • Click the binoculars to add a piece of equipment or a labourer to the operation.
  • Click the X to delete a piece of equipment or a labourer from the operation.
  • Started - Enter the operation’s start date.
  • Stopped - Enter the operation’s stop date
  • Crop - Select the crop for the operation. This is used by the profit and loss report to calculate your expenses when reporting by crop.
  • Total Area - Enter the total land area for the operation. If you selected more then one land area, you won't be able to change this value. The area value will be a total of the combined land areas selected converted to the default area unit you chose in the Software Preferences window.
  • Duration - Enter the number of hours it took to complete the operation or click the calculator. This button is only available if you've chosen to enter start and stop times with your operations.
  • Status - Select the operation’s status.
  • Crop Growth Stage - Enter or choose the crop growth stage.
  • Other Costs - Enter any costs in addition to equipment, labour and inputs.
  • Total Cost - This displays the operation’s total cost (equipment costs + labour costs + input costs + other costs).
  • Notes - Enter any additional information for the operation.
  • Created – This displays the date and time the record was first created.
  • Updated - This displays the date and time the record was last updated. 


Last updated on August 25, 2014 by FCC AgExpert