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Exporting, viewing and printing reports

After you generate a report, you can:

  • export it to Microsoft Excel
  • show and hide columns on the report
  • print the report

Exporting a report to Microsoft Excel

To take advantage of the flexibility that spreadsheet software offers, you can export each report’s results to Microsoft Excel by generating the report and clicking Export to Excel. Use Excel to sort, filter and edit the information to suit your needs.

Showing and hiding report columns

You can show or hide any of the columns on the report to only view the data that you’re interested in. The software remembers each employee’s settings for the next time the report is generated. To use this feature, generate a report and click Show/Hide Columns.

Printing a report

Click Print Preview to preview the report and click Page Setup to change the page settings.

To print a report, click Print.

Last updated on August 25, 2014 by FCC AgExpert