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Creating a Profit/Loss report

The Profit/Loss report can show you the revenue, expenses and income for each individual field and a grand total for the entire farm. You can also show the crop share splits for two owners.

You can create a report that will display:

  • the profitability of a specific crop
  • the profitability of a specific land area
  • projections you have anticipated to account for anticipated revenue
  • revenue projections that you estimate you’ll receive for the sale of a particular crop

This information can provide you with an accurate projection of how much revenue was made or lost on each crop selected.

To create a Profit/Loss report:

  1. Select Report Console from the Reports menu. The report console appears.
  2. Select Financial from the left menu panel and then select Profit/Loss.
  3. Enter your preferences in the options panel and click Generate. The Profit/Loss report appears.


To report on projected revenue:

  1. Select the Crop Year you want to display on the report.
  2. Group the report by Crop or Land.
  3. Select the land areas you want to include on the report from the Choose Land list or select the crop(s) you want to include from the Choose Crops list
  4. Select the Detail Level for the report.
  5. In the Enter Projection Details list, change the values in the Total Sold and Price for each of the crops you have selected. The Total Sold * Price is the amount of revenue you expect to receive for the crop.


Last updated on August 25, 2014 by FCC AgExpert