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The Payables report displays the accounts payable transaction activity. You can generate one for a single supplier or all suppliers.

To view a Payables report:

  1. Select Report Console from the Reports menu. The report console appears.
  2. Select Receivables and Payables from the menu panel on the left, and then select Payables.
  3. Select the report type:
    • Summary – Only displays the total charges and payments for each supplier.
    • Detailed - Displays all charges and payments recorded for each supplier.
    • Aged - Displays all outstanding amounts for each supplier for each aging period.
    • Charge reconciliation - Displays all charges and payments for each supplier but groups each payment with its corresponding charge and displays the remaining outstanding amount for each charge.
  4. Enter the Show account balances as at the end of date for your report or open the drop-down menu to choose one from the calendar. Any transaction activity occurring after this date won’t be included on the report. You can choose any date in the defined fiscal years.
  5. Select Single to limit the report to a single customer or select All to produce an accounts payable report for all customers.
  6. Note: If you select Single, the Accounts Payable Suppliers dialogue box appears, listing each available supplier. Select the supplier and click Select. The supplier’s name appears in the field beside the Single option. To change the supplier, click the people icon.
  7. Select the Show accounts with zero balances check box to display suppliers who have a balance ofzero.
  8. Click Page View to view the report. 

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