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Employee list

Use the Employee List dialogue box to maintain the list of employees who are allowed to log into the database.

To open this dialogue box, select Employee List from the Setup menu.

  1. Click New to add a new employee.
  2. Select an employee and click Edit to change the employee’s information.
  3. Select an employee and click Delete to remove the employee from the list.
  4. While adding or editing an employee:
  5. Click Save or Save and Close to save your information.
  6. Click Undo to cancel the operation.
  7. Enter the following information:
    • First Name – Enter the employee’s first name.
    • Last Name – Enter the employee’s last name.
    • Password/Confirm Password – Enter the password the employee will log in with.
  8. Active – If you don’t want an employee to be able to log into the program, uncheck this box to remove the employee from the log-in list.
  9. Administrator – This check box determines the employee’s security clearance. Administrators have access to all functionality in the program, while non-administrators only have access to run reports and change their password. There must always be one active administrator in the program.

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