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Adding, editing or deleting growers

You can use the Grower’s List dialogue box to maintain the list of growers you import records from. You’re limited to the number of growers that you indicated on the activation screen when you licensed the software. To add more growers, select Activate Field Manager Commercial from the Help menu and follow the instructions.

Note: If you delete a grower from the program, all of the corresponding records for that grower will be deleted. You can’t recover the records unless you import them again or restore a copy of your database.

To add a new grower:

  1. Select Grower List from the Setup menu. The Grower List dialogue box appears.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the following:
    • Business Name – Enter the grower’s name.
    • Contact  Enter the name of the primary contact.
    • Address – Enter the box number or street address.
    • City/Town – Enter the city or town where the grower is located.
    • Postal Code – Enter the postal or zip code for the address.
    • Province – Select the grower’s province from the list.
    • Phone Number – Enter the grower’s phone number.
    • Cell Number – Enter the grower’s cell number.
    • Fax Number  Enter the grower’s fax number.
    • Email – Enter the grower’s email.
    • Active – Select this if the grower is currently active.
    • Organic – Select this if this is an organic grower.
    • Imported By:
    • Note: When you import a grower’s file, you can add him or her to the grower list and have the program enter the details for you. The program assumes that you want to add a new grower when it can’t find the grower number in the grower list. 
      Notes – Enter any additional information about this entry. 
  4. Click Save or Save and Close to save your information.
  5. Click Undo to cancel the operation.
  6. You can edit a grower’s information by selecting it and clicking Edit, or you can remove it from the list by clicking Delete

Last updated on August 25, 2014 by FCC AgExpert