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Defining or creating a new crop year

When you start a new farm record, you’re prompted to set the initial crop year for your farm records. Once you’ve defined the year for the current record, you can add new years to the farm records.

Note: When you define a new crop year, all the setup information recorded in the previous year is rolled over to the new year. This doesn’t include records of information such as operations and observations.

Defining multiple crop years in one farm data file allows you to generate a multi-year comparison report. It’s also useful when you want to enter a fall fertilizer application and the costs apply to the next crop year. You can enter the fall 2014 entry in 2015 by moving from the 2014 crop year into 2015. Then you can return to the previous crop year to enter records for the rest of 2014.

To create a new crop year:

  1. Select the new crop year you want to define from the Crop Year field in the top left corner of theCrop Records dialogue box. You can add one year ahead or one year behind the current farm year at any one time.
  2. Click Yes when the following confirmation message appears:
  3. Begin entering the new year’s crop records.

Last updated on August 25, 2014 by FCC AgExpert