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When setting up both seed inputs and pesticide inputs, you will notice that you are no longer able to enter your own custom name.  Instead, a list of seeds and inputs are provided to you, and you can pick from the list what you are using.



  1. When adding new seed from the Seeds input area, start by clicking Add seed.

  2. The first thing you are asked  to find is the seed itself, which is a built-in list.  To use this list, you can start typing in the name of the seed.  For example, if you are going to be planting Canola, you would type Canola and let the built-in list search for anything matching what you have entered.

    The seeds are sorted alphabetically, by variety.  At the bottom, you can click on Show All if your variety is not listed.

    From this list, you can select the seed variety you will be planting.  If you do not see your seed variety, and multiple searches fail to find it, contact AgExpert and we will make sure your variety is added to this list.

  3. The same process is used when adding pesticide inputs.  From the inputs screen, click on Add product in the Crop protection products area.

  4. The product name is the searchable list.  As with the seed inputs, simply start typing in the name of the product.  The system will return any results that match what you have typed in.

    If a large amount of results are returned, click on Show All to show the full search result.  You can then select the appropriate pesticide, and fill in the remaining information as necessary.




Last updated on February 20, 2018 by FCC AgExpert