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Exporting to Field Manager PRO

Use this selection to export your AgExpert Analyst accounting information to a file that can be imported into Field Manager PRO. When the import is complete, your fixed costs in AgExpert Analyst are exported into the planning portion of Field Manager PRO.

Note: Field Manager PRO must be installed on your computer to import AgExpert Analyst data.

To export Field Manager PRO:

  1. Select Export from the Tools menu and then select Field Manager PRO. The Export to Field Manager PRO dialogue box appears.
  2. Select the Date range you want the accounting information for.
  3. Select the accounting Method:
    • Accrual – Export all outstanding accounts receivable and payable charges for the selected date range, as well as the balances for the inventory adjustment accounts.
    • Cash – Export only the current balance for each account.
  4. Map each account to a Field Manager PRO category by selecting a category from the Field Manager PRO Item drop-down menu. If an account shouldn’t be exported, select the blank option.
  5. Click OK when the accounts are mapped. The Export File dialogue box appears.
  6. Locate where you want to save the export file (.fme) and click Save. To cancel the export process, click Cancel. Once the export is complete, you can import the file to Field Manager PRO.


Last updated on August 22, 2014 by FCC AgExpert