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Adding a crop to a storage location during harvest

To add a crop to a storage location during harvest:

  1. Select Field under the Fields menu and then select the field you want to record the operation for.
  2. Select Add New Harvest operation under Harvest.
  3. Select the harvest’s start time and date under Started.
  4. Select the harvest’s stop time and date under Stopped.
  5. Select the harvest operation’s status under Status.
  6. Enter the number of hours it took to complete the harvest operation under Duration.
  7. Enter the total land area that was harvested under Total Area.
  8. Enter the Yield Per Area. If you enter the yield per area, the total yield will automatically update.
  9. Enter the Total Yield. If enter the total yield, the yield per area will automatically update.
  10. Select the crop that was harvested under Crop.
  11. Enter the description of the Crop Moisture.
  12. Enter the Crop Moisture Percent.
  13. Enter the crop’s grade under Grade.
  14. Select Storage locations to add the crop to inventory storage (optional).
  15. Enter any additional information under Notes (optional).
  16. Select Add Environment Data to add environmental conditions at the time of harvest (optional).
  17. To delete the harvest, select Delete Harvest.

Last updated on August 25, 2014 by FCC AgExpert