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Using the Operational Benchmarking feature

Through the Operational Benchmarking feature, you can access management tools that provide numbers that show the trending of your business results. Each management tool offers a five-year comparison option that lets you compare your current year's data to results from the previous four years to see how specific areas of your operation are changing. 

To use the Operational Benchmarking feature, select Operational Benchmarking from the Management menu. The Operational Benchmarking dialogue box appears.

It’s divided into three panels: the menu panel on the left, the options panel in the middle and the live results panel on the right. 

  1. Menu panel - Lists the following management tools:
  2. Options panel - Allows you to customize your reports. Each management tool has a different set of report options.
  3. Live results panel - This information automatically updates as you change your report options. 
  • Click Help to display help for this dialogue box.
  • Click Hide Report Options/Show Report Options to hide or show the options panel.
  • Click Generate to generate a report for the management tool you’ve selected. The report will contain the same information as the menu panel.
  • Click Save to save your current report options.
  • Click Cancel to close the Operational Benchmarking dialogue box.

    Last updated on August 22, 2014 by FCC AgExpert