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Viewing the Cost of Production report

The Cost of Production report allows you to calculate and compare how much it cost to produce your commodities by assigning actual expenses to them. This information can help you determine your break-even point, which helps you determine the price at which you must sell the commodity to make a profit.

To view the Cost of Production report:

  1. Select Operational Benchmarking from the Management menu. The Operational Benchmarkingdialogue box appears.
  2. Select Cost of Production from the menu panel on the left.
  3. Select a Commodity from the list.
  4. Note: Click Edit list to open the Commodities dialogue box, where you can add, edit, delete or merge commodities 

    Note: Click Allocate commodities to open the Allocate Commodities dialogue box and allocate expenses and production amounts to commodities

  5. Enter the Quantity of the commodity produced. This is automatically updated if you allocated production transactions in the Allocate Commodities dialogue box.
  6. Click Assign expense accounts to open the Expense Accounts dialogue box. Select each expense category and the expense accounts that should be associated with it.
  7. Select the Production Period (crop year) to view the report for that year. 

Last updated on August 22, 2014 by FCC AgExpert