Celebrating one year with you 

Celebrating one year with you

What a difference a year makes. Since going live one year ago, look how you’ve helped your FCC Management Software Community grow:

  • 288 posted articles
  • 258 posts on the discussion boards (33 French)
  • 130,000 page views since launching our site
  • 1,000 visitors per month (Peak traffic season is January to April)

Thanks to all of you, your community is alive and well. You’ve been able to search and ask questions, find answers and connect with others. And we’re just getting started.

Watch for even more features coming soon, including:

  • Step-by-step tutorials and training webinars being added to the Knowledge Base to show you how to perform different functions.  
  • We’re also exploring other ways to provide faster and more immediate support.

Stay tuned – we’re just getting better with age.


Accounting is easy with the right software

Accounting is easy with the right software

Computers are your friend. A bold statement for some, but it’s true. When it comes to bookkeeping, accounting software like AgExpert Analyst makes everything easier. It removes all the road blocks:

  • I’m not an accountant and don’t understand debits and credits
  • I’m not very good with computers
  • I don’t have the time

Setup is easy. By entering basic information, the software lets you create professional reports that make you a more efficient business manager. It’s a DIY dream.

As you enter more information, the more you get back. You’ll learn how to create detailed reports including Income & Expense, Balance sheet, Loan report, GST return, Benchmarking, and AgriStability.

What if you get stuck and don’t know what to do? You’re never alone. There are lots of resources ready to help:

  • reference manuals
  • step-by-step tutorial videos
  • classroom training
  • online support communities with searchable Knowledge Bases, Discussion Boards and blogs
  • friends, neighbours or accounting professionals that use the software that often live and work near your community
  • software experts like our AgExpert Analyst Certified Advisors (ACA)
  • Product Support Analysts are always just a phone call, discussion board thread or email away 

Learn more with this webinar, featuring Steven Tippe, Product Support Analyst, from the FCC Management Software team.

Questions? Get answers and share your comments with other software users on our Discussion Boards or search the Knowledge Base. Plus you can always contact our FCC Management Software support staff.


FM PRO Mobile will change the way you work

FM PRO Mobile will change the way you work

Your iPhone or iPad has the power to become one of the most valuable tools in your farming operation. Keeping track of your field records has never been this user-friendly. FM PRO Mobile is an app that gives you the control to enter data from anywhere you have your phone or tablet.

And since data entry isn’t exciting enough to have to do it more than once, FM PRO Mobile has simplified the way you enter data by making sure you only have to do it once. The information you input will be securely synced with your PC version of Field Manager PRO or 360.

Take a look at some other features you’ll get with FM PRO Mobile:

  • easily send/receive information to/from your partners, staff and agronomist
  • enter multiple operations on a field at once
  • enter environmental details at the time of operation
  • receive recommendations from you agronomist.
  • get the details you need even when you don’t have a signal or wifi access
  • access your GPS and GIS data from Field Manager PRO 360
  • mark target areas (Exclusive to Field Manager PRO 360 )
  • track your soil testing (Exclusive to Field Manager PRO 360)
  • take advantage of geo-referenced photos (Exclusive to Field Manager PRO 360)
  • view your fields with overlay of roads and directions based on real-time location information (Exclusive to Field Manager PRO 360)
  • see your farm using satellite imagery  (Exclusive to Field Manager PRO 360

Once synced with the PC version, FM PRO Mobile means you can input important information on the spot, in the field, or from the tractor. This could turn you into a data-collecting machine, which will help you on all your field records and help you understand needs, trends and opportunities for your operation.

See for yourself if this app can be a game-changer for your operation. FM PRO Mobile is now available on iTunes for your iPhone and iPad.

Questions? Get answers and share your comments with other software users on our Discussion Boards or search the Knowledge Base . Plus, you can always contact us.



Release of FM PRO Mobile delayed 

Release of FM PRO Mobile delayed

FM PRO Mobile app is almost here

Like you, we were hoping our new app would be launched sooner than later. But don’t worry – we’re just making a few final adjustments to ensure you get the best experience possible.

Soon, you’ll be able to turn your wireless device into a field and crop management tool that revolutionizes how, where and when, you manage your farm data. Enter data with your mobile device while in the field. Then sync with your desktop computer and update your records from anywhere.

Thanks for your patience. Once FM PRO Mobile is ready, we’ll send you an email so you can be one of the first to download it.  



Introducing Field Manager PRO 2013, Field Manager PRO 360 2013, and our new app – FM PRO Mobile

Introducing Field Manager PRO 2013, Field Manager PRO 360 2013, and our new app – FM PRO Mobile

June is shaping up to be a big month for farmers who want the most from their production: introducing Field Manager PRO 2013 and Field Manager PRO 360 2013.

But the news doesn’t stop there. FM PRO Mobile, our new app for Apple and Android users will be ready to download as well. 

Whether you use an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, FM PRO mobile is designed to synchronize with your desktop version of Field Manager PRO 360 and Field Manager PRO. To use the synchronize functions, you’ll need the current software versions. If you have Field Manager PRO 360, you’ll also be able to access the GPS/GIS functions of the application from your mobile device. 

The latest version of Field Manager PRO and Field Manager PRO 360 has been amped up for 2013. Here are some things to look for: 

View your crop records like never before

  • Now you can display your crop records in a calendar view on your Crop Records dialogue window.

Improved setup of the Field Manager PRO 360 GIS

  • After defining the location of the farm, you can see the streets and roads in the defined area.
  • Now you can cut out pieces of the polygon to mark landmarks such as rocks and waterways. You can also have multiple polygons on a field. 

Better zoom features

  • We added new zooms – 1:150000, 1:200000 and 1:250000.
  • The software will now default back to the last zoom scale that you used.

New GIS Import features

  • Now you can import and export GPS waypoints (in the .gpx format) from other GIS tools such as Garmin, Trimble and Tom Tom. Waypoints are collected using a GPS receiver (points). They could be marking rocks, washouts, areas of interest in the field or other landmarks. In Field Manager PRO 360, those waypoints could be used to trace the field boundary or to mark a point for observations.

Want to see more features and enhancements?

To learn more about the new features in Field Manager PRO and Field Manager PRO 360 2013, click here.

Questions or comments? Please post them below. 


Want to make better decisions? Start with better record-keeping.

Want to make better decisions? Start with better record-keeping.

Like most producers, finding new ways to improve your margin is at the top of your to-do list. Where do you begin? Start with your books – and better record-keeping. 

Ask any accountant and you’ll find that your financial statements can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your operation. But those reports are only as good as the records you keep. To get an accurate picture of your business, sharpen your record keeping habits: 

  • organize financial information
  • capture data when it’s fresh
  • file records promptly
  • use financial management software

As long as you capture data when it’s fresh, you’ll be able to generate accurate Operational reports like Income and Expense, CCA Schedule, Loan report, Inventory report, and Operational Benchmarking reports.

These reports will help you make better decisions, leading to time savings, quicker access to information, more efficiency, and:

  • sense of direction
  • peace of mind
  • cost savings
  • personal validation
  • positive business relationships

Learn more with this webinar featuring Karen Wright from KDW Consulting Services Inc.

Questions? Get answers and share your comments with other software users on our Discussion Boards or search the Knowledge Base. Plus, our FCC Management Software support staff is always just a click away.


File your T4 slips by the end of February 

File your T4 slips by the end of February 

In case you haven’t noticed, the deadline for filing your taxes is fast approaching. And like brushing your teeth, filing taxes isn’t exactly enjoyable but you feel pretty good after you’re finished.

So with that in mind, let’s take a quick look at some points from the Canada Revenue Agency website:

  • Payroll employers must file their T4 information return no later than the last day of February following the calendar year to which the information return applies.
  • CRA considers a return to be filed on the day they received it or the day it is postmarked, whichever is earlier.
  • If the due date falls on a Saturday, a Sunday, or a public holiday, it is due on the next business day. If you fail to file it on time, CRA may assess a penalty.
  • If you have more than one payroll account, you will have to file a separate information return for each account.
  • If you need to file early due to bankruptcy or if your business stops operating, you are required to file within 30 days of the day your business ends.
  • If the owner of a business dies, the T4 slips and T4 Summary have to be filed within 90 days of the death.
  • If you file more than 50 T4 slips in a calendar year, you must file the return over the Internet.
  • For more information, go to Filing Information Returns Electronically (T4/T5 and other types of returns).

What goes up must come down. The sun always rises in the east. And like other sure things, your taxes need to be filed, so get on it before it’s too late.

Questions? Get answers and share your comments with other software users on our Discussion Boards or search the Knowledge Base. Plus you can always contact us.


Start planning for year-end now

Start planning for year-end now

If the thought of year-end stresses you out, waiting until the last minute isn’t going to help. With the right tools, a bit of planning and knowing what to watch for, year-end can be a smooth, money-saving process.

Knowing the personal and corporate rules about tax brackets and rates is a good start. But this can be challenging since the rules are often tweaked every year. Talking with your accountant can set you straight.

Recently, Lance Stockbrugger, who happens to be a farmer and Chartered Accountant, presented a webinar outlining tips to remember when getting ready for year-end. In addition to the importance of early planning and knowing the rules, he discusses:

  • medical expenses
  • donations
  • old age security
  • capital gains and exemptions
  • what to consider when it comes to incorporating

Another part of a better year-end experience is remembering important deadlines. The last thing you want is to miss any opportunities, or worse, get penalized for late fees on: 

  • charitable and political donations
  • salary/dividends declared from corporation
  • RRSP contributions
  • tax slip filing
  • corporate tax returns
  • AgriStability/AgriInvest

This is just scratching the surface. To learn more, watch this, featuring Lance. It’s the first step to what could be a better year-end.

Questions? Get answers and share your comments with other software users on our Discussion Boards or search the Knowledge Base. Plus you can always contact us.


New and improved by you – AgExpert Analyst 2013

New and improved by you – AgExpert Analyst 2013

Want an accurate picture of your business? Simpler meetings with accountants? AgExpert Analyst 2013 is the best version we’ve released – try it and see for yourself.

Start your software conversion

Get started by upgrading to the latest update of AgExpert Analyst 2012-04 or 2012-05. Be sure your data file is in normal mode before importing to AgExpert Analyst 2013. Why? The 2012-04 or 2012-05 upgrades were created to detect any defects that might cause failure in the new software import. You’ll get a conversion report that will list the corrections you need to fix to ensure your 2013 version works properly.

Better year-end management

Instead of creating a new data file for a specific year, the 2013 version creates a new year in the data file. In previous versions of AgExpert Analyst, you had to go through the year-end process to finalize or partially finalize the previous year just to continue on with the next fiscal year. Now, you can add a new fiscal year with two simple clicks.

Happy accountant, happy life

We’ve simplified the way you submit files to your accountant – now you can create an accountant’s copy and a copy for yourself. This way, you work on one version while your accountant can make adjustments to another. Once finished, your accountant sends back the file and you can import into yours. The adjustment and year-end process has never been easier.

Change the date of your transactions

Here’s a big improvement – transactions can now be back-dated and post-dated to any fiscal year that exists in the database. Before, you were limited to the fiscal year when it came to entering transactions. Now as long as the fiscal year has been created, you can postdate or backdate the transaction, making payroll and entries for the next year, even though you are not done working on your file, simple.

Join our online community for 24-7 support

Register with our online community and access searchable discussions, blogs and the Knowledge Base, any time. Check often for important messages and updates, including how to solve common support problems, and connect with other software users.

Connect with support staff

Our support staff can provide remote assistance to clients on their computers. This will make troubleshooting issues faster and more efficient. Learn more about connecting with support.

Want to see more features and enhancements?

AgExpert Analyst 2013 is by far the best version we’ve released. Some may call it a game changer – you decide. Check out more features and upgrades right here

Questions or comments? Please post them below.


Improve traceability with electronic record keeping

Improve traceability with electronic record keeping

Read the headlines these days and it’s not hard to find something related to food safety. Consumers want to know where their food comes from and how it got there. In short, traceability has never been more important.

From planting to harvest, packing and delivery to the retail market, tracking your products is easier with electronic record keeping.

Field Manager PRO 360 tracks your operations from planting to spraying, up to harvest.

  • know what was done to specific fields and crops
  • keep one set of records for many purposes – processor, exporter and food safety

Field Manager Commercial lets you trace from packaging, to delivery to retail markets.

  • import data from growers
  • get detailed shipment reporting and order tracking  
  • know customer identity, dates and who transported it

Ready or not, traceability is here and it’s only getting bigger. Armed with the right software, you can profit from the new food chain.

To learn more watch this webinar featuring Matthew Van Dijk from the FCC Management Software team.

Questions/Comments?  Share your thoughts and ask questions while connecting with other software users and FCC Management Software support staff.

Watch for upcoming posts detailing more features in Field Manager PRO, Field Manager PRO 360 and Field Manager Commercial.


Get a sneak peek at AgExpert Analyst 2013

Get a sneak peek at AgExpert Analyst 2013

While we were upgrading next month’s release of AgExpert Analyst 2013, we turned to the experts – you.

You’ve told us what you like and don’t like, where we should make improvements and what you’d like to see different. You spoke. We listened.

So what’s better?

Instead of having multiple data files for multiple years, now you just need one database – making year-end easier than ever.

We’ve introduced a new setup tool that lets you add transactions outside of your current fiscal year with a click of a button.

Your accountant will buy you a coffee after this: the new software is divided into a customer copy and an accountant copy. You can work on one version while your accountant makes adjustments in their copy and sends it back to you to import back into your files.

Ready to upgrade yet?

AgExpert Analyst 2013 will be available in just a few weeks. In the meantime, be sure to install and upgrade your latest data file to the latest update of AgExpert Analyst 2012-04. Also, check that your data file is in normal mode before importing to AgExpert Analyst 2013. Now you’ll be good to go.

Questions? Check out our online community at Check out searchable discussions, blogs and the Knowledge Base. Plus you can connect with other software users and our support staff.

Watch for upcoming posts detailing more features in AgExpert Analyst 2013.


Save time and your data

Save time and your data

With today’s busy schedules, it’s easy to think you’re saving time by not backing up your data. But imagine if your computer crashes and you don’t have a fresh backup. How long will it take to get that information back? Many have learned the hard way – backups are essential and save you time in the long run.

Storing your backups on a secondary drive is the best practice. The expense of the software and the secondary drive is minimal considering the time and effort it takes to rebuild your computer. To be even more effective, keep backup files in an off-site location. In the event of theft or fire, you’ll be safe. Finally, be sure to frequently perform your backups at least once a month or every three months. You’ll save time, data and a few sleepless nights.

Learn more on how to backup your data files:

AgExpert Analyst Backup

Field Manager PRO Backup


I have my 360 GIS imagery. Now what do I do?

I have my 360 GIS imagery. Now what do I do?

The agriculture industry has seen a big movement towards the use of GPS receivers on tractors, combines, quads and anything else that travels on the fields. Some of these systems are used to guide machinery, others gather extensive amounts of information. Now there’s access to satellite imagery with geo-reference points that are loaded onto computers – rich with information. How is this going to help us grow better crops?

In isolation, this information isn’t going to grow better crops in the same way that doing field walks didn’t grow better crops. The biggest boost that all this information is bringing to producers is to let us manage large farming operations in a very precise way. The days of spending hours walking your fields to learn about soil composition are fading. GIS technology allows producers to use their computer monitor to walk their fields, gather valuable information and ultimately modify management practices, based on increasingly accurate information.  


Welcome to the FCC AgExpert Community

Welcome to the FCC AgExpert Community

This is your place to ask questions, get answers and connect with FCC AgExpert customers. You can also search for the info you need.


Check back here for important messages and updates. You will find relevant and valuable information, tips to better manage your operation and you will learn how to solve common support problems.

Discussion Board

Ask a question and get answers from other FCC AgExpert users. Or answer their questions. It’s a two-way street where you can search by software or topic, make suggestions and get (and share) the information you want. In this open environment, there’s only one rule: be respectful to your fellow Community members.

Knowledge Base

Save time and skip the call to customer support. The Knowledge Base is your hub for almost all the info you need to start up and get the most from your FCC AgExpert. Search by topic and find answers to frequently asked questions.

This Online Community is all about you. Use as much or as little as you’d like. We recommend you click around and get to know the features and the people in your Community.


Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

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